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shipping companies in cairo - egypt

egyptian shipping cargo companies in cairo – egypt

Transportation :- 

Customers will find great attention

since we offer services in

  clearance, loading & offloading

from and to the site customers. 

 Company has along experience in

custom clearance`s field ,

 we dealt with governmental projects

without mentioning any 

notes about the company`s profile .

Export :-

Our company is ready to export all the

Egyptian products.


For example :-

* Cement .

* rock Salt .

* Calcium powder . 

* Phosphate “all the chemical products & all types of plastic 

which extracted from bottle crushing . 

* All the Egyptian products. 

* All the agricultural products “dry and fresh”. 


* Dry


A) Different species of beans , rice and fresh onion. 

B) Tomatoes , oranges , strawberry and flowers. 

C) Natural herbs . 

* New and Used Furniture . 

* Rubber-powder . 

* Iron Oxide ore . 

 * Exporting & importing new and used

printing machines with all

  its equipment such as papers and spare parts . 

 Our company is ready to export

all the Egyptian products to all

over the world & Air freight for

a pre-agreed commission, this

commission is a part of the

invoice value; with attestation

of all required documents

and invoices whether those

certificates from the warehouse or outside it.


Import :


Our Company imports the needs

of the local market from the whole world.

The importing process is done for

a pre- a greed commission between the

customer and the company.

The customer will receive the delivery order

on the pre-determine site which

will be done after the custom clearance . 

overland freight

El dawlia offer full overland service worldwide,
backed by dedicated and highly

trained personnel who are

committed to follow your shipments

progress from door to door

Whether your cargo require transport

from port to door, from airport to warehouse,

or to/from any other points in your

country of origin or destination.

and we have the solutions.

We have extensive experience in moving

all type of overland cargo, using our own

trucks or an approved partner that

will meet all of your deadlines

and just in time delivery

Email / info@interallcargo.com





International Contact









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